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Product Name: Placer Chair  Click:459
1. 椅子的靠背是360°旋转的,任何角度都很舒适
2. 面料是采用美国CLUP公司生产的.
3. 靠背处看不到任何的螺栓。
4. 材质是白橡木,纹路看起来很漂亮

Products Show

Product Name: Placer Chair  Click: 459
1. The backrest is able to rotate 360 degree . Not only can it support back ,but also it can make comortable in any angles.
2. Fabric is made of American Fabric company-CULP.
3. The backrest is mounted without any visible bolts.
4. The wood material is white oak , the wood parttern looks so beautiful.
5. NC painting
6. Sheen (Gloss)5%


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